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Publ-IQ: Overall view and structuring standpoints into star maps.

A forum for ambitious partitipants - with extra methods and extra abilities.

Why is this discussion-method exceptionnal?
On regular forums one can write long texts, but only very few will read that. But the main problem is, that there is no final result formulated.
The voting methods do lead to results, but are not paying attention to the thoughts of the people: one is only a little weight at one side.
The star map combines the merits! E.g.: it offers easy overview and understanding of complex discussions, the proportions can also be seen, the development and the directions are clearly demonstrated, while all new standpoints do influence the future result.

   There are too many options in the situation facing me! Who can handle this and suggest a compromise? Who can separate right from wrong? Who can find the best step toward the future?

   [Think of] Corporate decision making, shareholders´ meetings, company management, workshop organization, running a movement, automatic moderation of public debates, pre- and post-coordination of scientific conferences, brainstorming, etc.

   Publ-IQ helps you when- and wherever it is in the recognized interest of the participants to find common ground, although there are obstacles in the way because to understand and integrate diverging preferences is a difficult business.

`Only one third of the votes are ours. However with this method we can build up a much more effective point of view compared to the others. We might even win hesitant¤ people. So there isn´t a need for obligation to a faction. With this method the majority of the group feels that the subject is their own result.´

`The harmonizing of a complex plan is in progress. Two thirds of the remarks evaporate after the discussion. Most likely what will happen is what the boss thought of at first. Why won´t we collect our ideas in a star-map? So the points simply build up.´

Detailed explanation¤:

All `Live topic´ are positions on a star map. Stars represent opinions and points of view.
(Opinions voted to be significant are brighter, but their status is continuously changing.)

All comments have impact on one another just like a pinball dropped among others will influence them. By this, they find their own place, too.

Green lines represent agreement, they try to move opinions closer to one another. Red lines represent refusal, they try to move opinions away from one another. Brightness of the stars is increased by the number of their relations.

After a time the star-map will take some shape. The main focuses can be selected and they will give a true representation of the whole mass of opinions.

    The star map is a very interesting thing in itself,
    but it is only the servent of more important results.
    When is it worth using this special method?¤
  • When you would like have an open discussion capable receiving new opinions all the time.
  • When you must to create an overall view with too many standpoints (and it isn´t enough to know the simple measure of votes).
  • When you must harmonize multiple conflicts.
  • When you need a good multilateral consultation with your collegues/experts.
Summary: When you would like to gather so many different opinions into one discussion that it cann´t be seen and managed with the normal methods.

    How is this possible?
  • Instead of reading long text lists, review is as easy as looking at the starry sky! No-one´s opinion drops out of sight, but the mass doesn´t become unmanageable either.
  • Instead of `Everyone speaks their own mind only´ a collective result is formed in an evolution-like process. Moreover, an authentic summary, (`zanza´ ) can always be asked for, as a bird´s eye view, even in case of hundreds of opinions.
  • Your point of view can also be displayed as a star. The only condition is to rate at least 3 other views.

Give it a try!

View, register, write comments, and create your own topics!

Quick start
Enter `Forum topics´,
first look at a `Seedling-topic´ ,
then select a `Live topic´ , move the mouse cursor over the stars, and you can see a small menu...
From here, you can understand the method and use the options by yourself.

At least it is worth reading text signed by red colours like these. By doing so you can easily master options and built-in possibilities, instead of being frustrated.

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