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  • Topics, comments, and discussions on this homepage aren´t censored by the administrators of the homepage.
    There is only one way for moderating, the very essence of the operation of this website: writers are rated by other writers, so the standpoints `automatically´ became important or inferior.
    Staff of the homepage isn´t responsible for the posted messages, contents, statements and topics.
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    Apologies for the following problems, we are constantly working on making the site more userfriendly:
  • Now the Publ-IQ is hardly compatible with the Opera browser;
  • A FAQ will be created on the basis of experiences;
  • Figures will be upgraded and refreshed periodically;
  • ...

At the same time, complaints for which we have no immediate solutions can occur, such as:
  • There are logical, but still not offered options. One example: It is by intention that from the list of `Zanza´ there is no direct possibility to jump to the star map, as this would give disproportional advantage to these selected comments.
  • Blinking arrows may not be attractive but they are still more useful than ignoring important messages. You are welcome to suggest an alternative.
  • ...
  • We know that this website is too complicated. The novice user needs to read a lot. For many, less information and less opportunities would be more beneficial. For them `Simplified version´ is also available, (see on the Own profile).

    We offer an intellectual laboratory for the wider socially conscious and for those with creative minds on the Internet. By assembling a weighted panorama of divergent opinions, the result can be tested in real life and the useful part applied to real problems and for the wide society.

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